If you have just discovered cannabis, you actually have a lot of things you need to learn. To get you started, here are some of the common forms of cannabis that you need to know to determine which one of these is perfect for you: 


Patients who are looking for ways to treat external or physical pain may appreciate using cannabis salves, lotions, creams, more. Such substances are extensively recognized as topicals. Moreover, it is available in an extensive range of strengths and designs. Know that topicals can be directly applied on an aching shoulder, back knee, or sore back. CBD topicals are definitely beneficial for patients who are into trying out cannabis, but who does not want to experience the psychoactive effects.  


Cannabis is called an edible once it’s placed into a tincture, capsule, or a food item. This is an extremely vast category that’s just restricted by the food producer’s imagination. Products of edible cannabis tend to be very beneficial for patients who don’t want to vaporize or smoke. In fact, cannabis is more effective when it’s orally ingested compared to when it’s smoked. However, you can’t just consume concentrates or flowers since they require to be stimulated with heat before the active substances will be taken into your body. 


The concentrates of cannabis have been created for thousands of years in hashish, which is just the name provided to purified cannabis resin’s compressed blocks. Resin glands, known as trichomes, conceals the whole cannabis plant. This gland’s head has most of the active cannabis’ components, recognized as cannabinoids. The conventional concentrates were made with a dry-sift method, which is still used today. However, thanks to innovation and technology, there are several new ways of extracting. Such methods include hydrocarbon-based concentration (budder, wax, shutter, etc.) and water-based separation. Usually, concentrates are claimed to be 2x to 5x as powerful as the flower type. Hence, it would be recommended to begin with just a bit of it, especially if you’re still a beginner. 


If we think about cannabis, perhaps most of us picture out dried plant flowers. Such dried flowers—typically called nugs or buds—are then becomes broken down even more and turn it into nearly its powdered form using a grinder or by hand. After breaking down the flowers, they will be prepared to get packed into a vaporizer or bowl or to rolled into a joint.  

What works for you? 

If you’ve just encountered and learned what are terpenes and cannabis, in general, or even if you have been using it for several years already, it is still vital to pay attention to what your body tells you and to just take it slow. If in doubt, consuming consciously is one of the greatest means of evaluating whether something is just right for you.  Moreover, take note of the details of your medicines: taste, aroma, texture, effects, and look of your cannabis. If interested, purchase one now in your local dispensaries.